Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto… do you know them? Since I haven’t started working for a luxury boutique selling this brands I didn’t know these designers – the same is for Paula Cademartori…

But since I have to write texts about these brands, I got to know them quite well, and I kind of fell in love with them…

What they have in common are simple structures and bold prints, a mix that Iparticularly love.

While Mary Katrantzou in her last collection has changed a little, abandoning her amazing realistic jewel prints, for the SS2015 Peter Pilotto stays true to its trademark and his little printed dresses are a call for joy. A youthful flair, brightly colored fabric and bold resin embroideries create an explosive, yet elegant mix.

Peter Pilotto SS15

Mary’s Katrantzou SS2015 collection is more sophisticated and characterized by light natural colors, and rather than prints she goes for embellishments like small pearls. The combination of naturalistic forms and abstract shapes break on the body for a very ethereal result.

Mary Katrantzou ss15

Paula Cademartori is my new favorite bag designer, her Alice bag took my heart when I first sow it and it is has been on the top of my wish-list until i haven’t seen Paula Cademartori’s SS15 Collection. I am very attracted by prints and graphism and Paula’s creations with its beautiful color combinations is the perfect mix of art, luxury, sophistication and fashion. Her bags are breathtaking.

Paula Cademartori SS15 bags

In this post I also would like to mention Holly Fulton, this brand is not that new to me, but I think that for many reasons it is similar to Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto, even if it has a more lady like style. In this picture you can see my favorite looks from Holly Fulton’s SS 15 collection, bur I suggest you to check out her previous collections, where she used to mix pastel colors, surprising prints, flowers and geometrical shapes all in one.

Holly Fulton SS15

What do you think about this designers? Do you like them or do you prefer the classics like Dior, Chanel, Armani, and so on?



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